Department of geomechanics and mining research

Selection procedure for research workers in rock mechanics, rock engineering and geotechnics (in Czech).
New knowledge and measurements in seismology, engineering geophysics and geotechnical engineering, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
09.04.2024  –  10.04.2024
Workshop, Ostrava, Czech Republic (in Czech).
05.03.2024  09:00
The third place for Dr. Kristyna Schuchova.
Centrum Pant, Ostrava, Czech Republic (in Czech).
08.11.2023  18:00
The most extensive science festival in the Czech Republic.
06.11.2023  –  12.11.2023
Lecture, Ostrava, Czech Republic (in Czech).
03.10.2023  16:30
Visit the mine CSM, Stonava, Czech Republic (in Czech).
New cooperation with the University of Ostrava (in Czech).