Conference Seminar on numerical analysis and winter school, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
23.01.2023  –  27.01.2023
Congratulations on the birthdays of Prof. Zdenek Vasicek and Prof. Petr Martinec.
International conference on manufacturing engineering and materials, High Tatras, Slovakia.
27.06.2022  –  01.07.2022
Selection procedure for a researcher in geology with a focus on mineralogy and petrography (in Czech).
21.06.2022  –  30.09.2022
Prof. Zdenek Kalab awarded by the Honorary Order FBERG.
Exhibition, Zlin, Czech Republic (in Czech).
15.06.2022  –  11.09.2022
Obituary of the well-known mathematician.
Exhibition, Brno, Czech Republic (in Czech).
13.06.2022  –  31.08.2022
Exhibition, Brno, Czech Republic (in Czech).
09.06.2022  –  30.06.2022
Press release of the CAS (in Czech).