International meeting related to the technology of high speed water jet, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.
17.10.2023  –  19.10.2023
International conference on manufacturing engineering and materials, High Tatras, Slovakia.
26.06.2023  –  30.06.2023
International symposium on nanomaterials and nanotechnology, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
15.05.2023  –  18.05.2023
New knowledge and measurements in seismology, engineering geophysics and geotechnical engineering, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
28.03.2023  –  29.03.2023
Joint workshop of mobility project participants, Ostrava, Czech Republic (in Czech).
31.01.2023  10:00
Reportage with Dr. Radovan Kukutsch on the Czech Radio Ostrava (in Czech).
Conference Seminar on numerical analysis and winter school, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
23.01.2023  –  27.01.2023
Current topics in the series of expert lectures.
30.11.2022  10:30
The most extensive science festival in the Czech Republic.
31.10.2022  –  06.11.2022
Congratulations on the birthdays of Prof. Zdenek Vasicek and Prof. Petr Martinec.