Environmental geography

During The week of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Exhibition, Tisnov, Czech Republic (in Czech).
16.10.2021  –  06.02.2022
Mgr. Petr Klusacek on brownfields (in Czech).
One evening invigorating hundreds of science buildings. Science labs, experiments and current topics.
Exhibition of photographs, Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic (in Czech).
01.06.2021  –  31.10.2021
Exhibition in the Horacko Museum, Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic. (in Czech).
27.05.2021  –  01.08.2021
TV report from the series About science and scientists (in Czech).
Walk through the Brno centre with a focus on geodiversity (in Czech). Guided by Dr. Lucie Kubalikova.
19.05.2021  17:00
Exhibition of landscape heritage photographs, Comenius Museum in Prerov, Czech Republic.
01.05.2021  –  31.07.2021