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Institute of clean technologies for mining and utilization
of raw materials for energy use

ERDF project no. CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0082, 2011 - 2014

The Institute of Geonics AS CR is a partner in the project Institute of Clean Technologies for Mining and Utilization of Raw Materials for Energy Use, which is solved jointly with the Faculty of Mining and Geology of VB-TU (grant acceptor). The project is financed from ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) in the frame of the operational program Research and Development for Innovations. The project brings a concentration of resources and finance for the development of advanced research equipment.

The basic aim of the project is the establishment of an institute (centre) that will be concerned with comprehensive research on the phenomena and processes of mining and the utilization of raw materials for energy use as well as other tasks of the earth crust employment. The project is structured into two research programmes:

  • The aim of the programme Multiphase rock environment is obtaining knowledge on physical, chemical, isotopic, structural and mechanical properties of rocks with the use of modern equipment, which basically increases our level of knowledge and its application in real geological conditions with the aid of mathematical modelling. This knowledge is necessary for the development of new environmentally friendly technologies for the exploration of raw materials.
  • The research programme Environmentally friendly technologies deals with the utilization of side products for development of wasteless technologies while minimizing the safety risks of exploration. An environmentally friendly exploitation of raw materials is a complicated process which needs to solve specific problems, from the application of new knowledge on rock properties and behaviour to the development of new mining and reprocessing technologies up to their safety risks and environmental impacts.

Within the project, the Institute of Geonics has acquired several unique devices for the investigation of rock environment and development of geotechnologies. They are analytic devices, software, but mainly a servo-hydraulic testing system with a triaxial cell for testing THM (thermo-hydro-mechanical) properties of rocks, equipment for water jet application, and X-ray CT (computer tomograph) for non-destructive research of plane and space inhomogeneities in materials and for crack detection.

Owing to the new unique laboratory equipment, Centre enables to start new research directions like in the laboratory of tomography, or substantially enlarge existing research directions - the laboratory of THM processes in rock mass or the innovation of the laboratory of pulsating high pressure water jet applications.

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