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Other outputs

Book: Carbon Dioxide and Rock Massif ( PDF, 7 MB )

Carbon dioxide and rock massif. At these days the sequestration of CO2 into deep aquifers (collectors) still remains very actual. The selection of suitable localities for CO2 sequestration is very difficult and exacting problem. Direct experiences of miners from mines, where the miners come into deep natural collectors of carbon dioxide give good information for selection and methodology for surveying of other localities. Therefore the institute published this monograph about the occurrences of CO2 in rock massif in mines in the area of the Bohemian massif. This monograph sums up and documents the natural conditions of occurrences of this gas in mines in rocks or in the coal seams, which are created by means of natural processes.

Published 10.01.2011 09:50
Article: Visualization and animation of a 3D regional velocity model for the territory of northern Moravia and Silesia

This model was set up using seismic tomography, and its subsequent visualization and animation starts with the transformation of the measured 3D data. The derived velocity model was applied during the procedure of relocalizing micro-earthquake foci. Submitted to Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica.

Published 04.02.2010 11:06

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