Conference contributions

The SNA conference will include a combination of winter school lectures (90 minutes) and standard short lectures (15 - 20 minutes). In case of your interest on a short lecture, please send us an abstract according to the template below.

Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings will be prepared only in the electronic form, which should be available to download during the conference. This form allows to postpone the deadline for submission of conference contributions to January 10, 2021.

The contributions have to be prepared in LaTeX using the document class file SNA.CLS, for example see a simple template EXAMPLE.TEX and its output EXAMPLE.PDF. The standard length of contributions written in English (preferable), Czech or Slovak languages is 1 - 4 pages with a possibility of extension, if necessary. Pictures are supported in usual graphic formats (JPG, PNG, BMP or PDF) and should be included into text by means of the GRAPHICX package. The pictures in the obsolete EPS format will be not accepted. Source text should use mainly standard LaTeX packages for a document style modification, avoid complicated LaTeX tools, and minimize the number of own environments, macros, and commands.

The conference proceedings (PDF, 10 MB) is available.

Special issue of Applications of Mathematics

As in SNA'17 and SNA'19, the conference participants can also publish papers in the special issue of the journal Applications of Mathematics devoted to the SNA conference. The papers must be submitted through the AM journal editorial system and will undergo a standard review process. The deadline for submission of papers to the AM special issue is May 31, 2021.

Updated information (PDF, 192 kB) to the special issue of Applications of Mathematics is available.