International conference on

Mathematical modelling and computational methods in applied sciences and engineering

Modelling 2019

Hotel Clarion, Olomouc, Czech Republic                      September 16–20, 2019

This conference is part of a series of conferences held so far in Rožnov in 2014 & 2009, Pilsen in 2005 & 2001, and Prague in 1998 & 1994.

Aims: The conference primarily concerns mathematical modelling of processes described by partial differential equations (including certain non PDE applications). It covers various aspects of mathematical modelling including solutions to direct and inverse problems, development of numerical methods, analysis of mathematical models, quantification of uncertainties in input data, exploitation of high performance computing on parallel computers, and modelling of challenging industrial problems.

Various aspects of mathematical modelling will be covered by specialized sections, minisymposia, selected plenary lectures, and a satellite workshop on industrial applications. In this way, the conference will provide many possibilities to learn about current progress in several interconnected fields, as well as opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation.

The satellite event is the workshop Industrial applications of mathematical modelling, supported by the AV 21 Strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences and iniciative. The workshop will be held on September 17–18, 2019.

The conference is organized by a joint effort of three institutions: Support of other professional partners:

Contact information

  Address: Modelling 2019
Institute of Geonics of the CAS
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708 00   Ostrava-Poruba
Czech Republic
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