June 2-6, 2014         Roznov pod Radhostem         http://www.ugn.cas.cz/link/modelling14

Social events

Excursion A is a turist trip to Pustevny. A favorite summer and winter tourist destination with distinctive wooden rustic architecture. The mountain ridge trail easily traverses the Radhost mountain with an altitude of 1129 meters. Visitors can see both the statue of the pagan god Radegast and a chappel as well as the sculpture of saint brothers Cyril and Method who, according to a legend, also stayed here during their mission in the 9th century.

Excursion B is a trip to Koprivnice and Hukvaldy. Technical museum Tatra in Koprivnice owns the most comprehensive collection dedicated to the documentation of historic development of the Tatra cars from 1897 till today. The exposition includes the replica of the first automobile from Koprivnice named Prasident, one of 52 cars exhibited there.

Hukvaldy is a village with the ruins of the third largest castle in the Czech Republic, and is the birthplace of the composer Leos Janacek.

The castle has been rebuilt at least five times over 700 years, evolving from a small early gothic castle to a baroque fortress. It was first built in 1260-1270. The castle has never been conquered, probably because of the location and the massive fortress. In 1762 there was a big fire in the castle and it was completely destroyed. A lot of repairs were made, but the castle is still undergoing restoration.