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Social events

Welcome party at the traditional pub Na poslednim grosi in the Open Air Museum, June 22, 2009 (Monday). Table of the reeve, an elevated place for musicians, traditional Wallachian teasting.

Farewell dinner in the mountain style Restaurant Kordulka with a folk music performance, June 25, 2009 (Thursday). Stylish atmosphere, an interior in Wallachian and Celtic style, traditional cuisine.

Excursion A is a turist trip to Pustevny. A favorite summer and winter tourist destination with distinctive wooden rustic architecture. The mountain ridge trail easily traverses the Radhost mountain with an altitude of 1129 meters. Visitors can see both the statue of the pagan god Radegast and a chappel as well as the sculpture of saint brothers Cyril and Method who, according to a legend, also stayed here during their mission in the 9th century.

Excursion B is a trip to Koprivnice and Stramberk. Technical museum Tatra in Koprivnice owns the most comprehensive collection dedicated to the documentation of historic development of the Tatra cars from 1897 till today. The exposition includes the replica of the first automobile from Koprivnice named Prasident, one of 52 cars exhibited there.

A small mountain town Stramberk is called Moravian Bethlehem for its picturesqueness. A dominant feature of both town and environs are the ruins of the Castle Strallenberg with its cylindrical tower Truba. Unique in its architecture is a set of Wallachian timbered cottages from the 18th and 19th century, now most of these are under urban conservation. Another famous feature of the town are the so called Stramberk´s ears, a certain type of ginger snack, shaped like ears. In memory of a legendary victory by the Christians of Stramberk over the Mongolian army on May 8, 1241, the day of the Ascension of Christ.