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Infra-structure for analysis of raw materials

MSMT project no. CZ.1.05/2.1.00/19.0379, 2015 - 2015

The basic objective of the project is the development and operation of infrastructure and research-scientific teams created in the framework of the project Institute of clean technologies for mining and utilization of raw materials for energy use.

The scope is strengthening and development of following research programmes:

  • Research Program ICT VP1 Multiphase rock environment is to obtain the knowledge of physical, chemical, isotopic, structural and mechanical properties of environmental components using modern instrument equipment, which basically increases the level of knowledge and possibilities of its generalization for the given geological conditions by means of mathematical modelling.
  • Research Program ICT VP2 Environmentally friendly technologies is based on the findings from Research Program 1 and deals with oriented research and application solutions in the area of mining of energy raw materials, use of byproducts for the introduction of wasteless technologies to the mining of mineral resources, creation of conditions for minimization of safety risks based on the knowledge of causal processes.

Main research objectives which are solved in the Institute of Geonics are as follows:

  • Properties and behaviour of geomaterials depending on their inner structure, type of loading and physical conditions.
  • Intensification of effects of high-velocity water jets in the course of disintegration.
  • Development of changes in induced stress and deformation fields in underground utilization of a rock mass.